“The Wall Is Beautiful” Reprinted in New “Divided Sates” Collection

Divided States of America Volume 1, The - J Alan Erwine

If you’ve never read a story in Nomadic Delirium Press’s Divided States series, now is a great time to start. For the first time, multiple tales in this intriguing, ongoing e-book saga have been gathered together in a printed collection, which makes dipping into this future world of a fractured United States easier – and cheaper – than ever before. Included in Volume 1, I’m proud to say, is my very own contribution to this shared universe, The Wall Is Beautiful.

In the aftermath of the breakup of the United States of America, life in the Republic of Texas is a whole lot different from how it is today. For a start, in this new country, the Border Patrol’s job is to guard the gargantuan wall that extends along its southern border with Mexico. And for one member of the Border Patrol, life is about to get very complicated indeed. Because walls don’t only keep things out – they keep things trapped inside, too…

You can purchase this collection direct from the publisher by clicking here.

For more details about The Wall Is Beautiful, including behind-the-scenes insights and information about its original life as an e-book, click here.

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“The Unobservable Universe” Will Soon Be Visible in New Alban Lake Press Anthology

More good news! The wonderful Karen Otto at Alban Lake Press has kindly accepted my afro-futurist science fiction short story The Unobservable Universe for their forthcoming anthology, Anatomy of Hate. The collection is due out in January 2019.

The anthology explores the effects of hate on both the hated and the hater. A fascinating theme, I’m sure you’ll agree.

My story is set on a planet settled by colonists from Africa. They thought they had found a place safe from racism and exploitation, but they were wrong. Once again, the ugly stain of fascism has infected humanity, this time creeping across the galaxy to the colonists’ doorstep. In the face of wild hate, a museum curator and her portrait artist friend attempt to save indigenous artwork from the fascists, only to discover the true purpose of the alien artifact. Is it a weapon they can use to fight back against the Seventh Imperium, or will it instead reveal an even greater threat – one that endangers not only all of the far-flung human race, but the universe itself? Only one thing is certain: win or lose, the fight will leave them changed forever.

I hope you all enjoy the story. I know I can’t wait to devour all the stories in such an intriguing-sounding anthology.

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“The Games Go On” Released as a New E-Book

The Games Go On

I am very happy to announce my latest science fiction tale, The Games Go On, is now available for you to buy!

The Games Go On is a science fiction future-sports tale, published as part of the first Delirious Doubles e-book by Nomadic Delirium Press. It also touches on issues to do with the environment, mass media, and abortion.

Jayneth Preston is born into a claustrophobic world, where she is expected to fight to the death for the amusement of the masses. But where did she come from, and does she have a family waiting for her on the outside? Is the arena all she will ever know? Not if Jayneth has anything to do with it–!

The e-book also features a story by Tyree Campbell, a well-known writer in his own right. That’s probably enough reason by itself to buy the e-book.

Here is the blurb for the e-book:

Delirious Doubles presents two stories from different authors. This edition gives you The Impossible Child by Tyree Campbell…a woman from another world has come to Earth to study the fallen society of the planet. Early in her mission she is raped by a gang of marauders and becomes pregnant with a daughter. Now that it’s almost time to return to her own world, she must decide what to do with her young daughter…take her with her or leave her behind on the hostile planet…or does she even have a choice.
You also get The Games Go On by Mike Morgan…a woman is born as an adult into a world where her family has sold her into indentured servitude as a gladiator, a gladiator that is meant to fight for the masses, but when there are no battles, she begins to wonder what’s really going on, and once she learns the truth, she’ll be forced to decide what to do with the information.

You can purchase this book on Amazon here. Please also consider purchasing the book direct from the publisher here. That way, more of your money goes to supporting an independent publisher.

Thanks. Catch you all soon. And I hope you like the story.


Mind Candy Wins Silver Medal at FAPA Book Awards!


It was wonderful to hear that a book I contributed to won an award recently from the Florida Authors & Publishers Association (FAPA). The anthology Mind Candy received the silver medal in the Young Adult: Science Fiction/Fantasy category. For more details, you can read all about FAPA and the award on their page here.

This anthology includes my science fiction story Buddy System. Read more about Buddy System here.

Congratulations to the editor and to all the other writers featured in this book. And if you haven’t bought a copy of this award-winning book yet, maybe now’s a good time…?

Thanks for reading.

As always, peace.


Mind Candy new cover

Gladiatrices & Giant Border Walls: Two Tales of a Future America To Be Released Through Nomadic Delirium Press

Image result for female gladiators

More terrific news, and a nice birthday present – Nomadic Delirium Press, a very fine outfit from Colorado led by the terrific J Alan Erwine, have accepted another of my short stories and are also going to reprint an earlier e-book release in paperback format. The funny thing is, both stories are set in Texas.

First off, my science fiction tale The Games Go On is set to get its premiere release as part of an e-book in their Delirious Doubles series. Each of these Delirious Doubles books will feature two stories, giving readers double the bang for their buck. For the book containing my story, the other half will be a story written by the very talented Tyree Campbell, who also expertly edits various titles for Alban Lake Press, such as Outposts of Beyond. The release date isn’t set yet, so I’ll be sure to pass on more details as I hear them.

As far as my story, The Games Go On, is concerned – think life-or-death gladiatorial combats in the future. Sports have taken a turn for the bloodthirsty in the United States, and the public want to see as much gore as possible. Jayneth is born into a life of professional arena fighting in Houston, told to kill without mercy or remorse, but she rejects the chance for fame assigned to her. All she wants is a way out, but that proves harder to find than she thought…

As she struggles to unearth the secrets of her claustrophobic world, Jayneth discovers that getting your priorities right is the most important thing in the world. In fact, it’s the real life-and-death choice, for the entire human race.

Image result for giant wall

Let’s switch gears to my second announcement now. The Wall Is Beautiful was printed as an e-book in their Divided States of America series a couple of years ago. There was always the thought that once sufficient episodes had been released, a paperback collection would be made available. That moment has now come, and Nomadic Delirium are collecting together the first few stories, including mine. The estimated print date is, I think, October of this year.

Also set in Texas, The Wall Is Beautiful takes place after the collapse of the USA into separate nation states. An independent Texas has built a huge wall along its southern border. Now the Texans have what they’ve long wanted – a barrier to keep out the rest of the world. Of course, they have to face the consequences such a wall brings. They should have been careful what they wished for…

For more information about the original e-book release of The Wall Is Beautiful, click here.

Stay tuned for more news on both of these releases. Both of these series from Nomadic Delirium are great concepts, and I’m very much looking forward to seeing them made available to readers.

Thanks for reading.



“Ghosts of Titan” to Be Released in Upcoming “Sounds of the Night” Anthology



Good news for fans of my Titanville Tales – the 3rd story in this series about people living aboard the grimy, run-down space station orbiting Titan will be printed in Alban Lake Publishing’s upcoming ghost-story anthology Sounds of the Night, due to be released in October this year. Expect chills and eerie moments aplenty aboard Titanville, as well as the return of some familiar faces, in Ghosts of Titan.

When you’re on a cramped space station, it’s not easy hiding from ghosts, whether they’re supernatural apparitions or the haunting echoes of past decisions. And when those ghosts come a-calling, there’s nowhere to run.

It goes without saying, I am very happy indeed that this series is getting the opportunity to grow and deepen.

Watch for more details as we get closer to the publication date.

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“Last Man Driving” Sold to New Sci-Fi Magazine

Image result for autonomous vehicles

I am thrilled to announce that my science fiction short story Last Man Driving has been accepted for the premiere issue of Mundanities: A Digest of Mundane Science Fiction. This is a new magazine from Nomadic Delirium Press, scheduled to debut in February 2019.

Here is the description of the new magazine, direct from the publisher’s website:

Welcome to a new science fiction zine being published by Nomadic Delirium Press. This zine will be published twice a year, as both a print and e-zine, on February 1st and August 1st, with the first issue appearing February 1st, 2019.

So, what is mundane SF? It doesn’t mean boring, as some might think. Why would we want to publish magazine of boring fiction?

Mundane SF is defined as fiction focusing on stories set on or near the Earth, with a believable use of technology and science as it exists at the time the story is written. No aliens, time travel, interstellar travel, wormholes, warp drive, FTL, or anything like that.

Sound boring? Not really. Think of all of the science fiction that can and has been written about the Earth and the planets.

For more details about this forthcoming magazine, please click here.

My own story focuses on the effects of widespread adoption of autonomous driving technology on society, and the impacts that technology has on the lives of everyday people. Where will self-driving cars take us…?

Also, for those who enjoy stories set in Iowa, this one is for you – it takes place in Bluegrass.


You can find news of my other upcoming stories here.

Thanks for reading.



“Fishing Expedition” To Be Reprinted in Outposts of Beyond

News just in – Alban Lake Press has accepted my story Fishing Expedition for the April 2019 issue of the science fiction magazine Outposts of Beyond.

This story, featuring Professor Lazarus, was previously published in Flame Tree Publishing’s Gothic Fantasy: Science Fiction Short Stories anthology a couple of years ago.

This means my upcoming release schedule is now:

Lazarus most recently appeared in comic-strip form in FutureQuake 2018. In Fishing Expedition she must save a world cut off from the Sun…

What a great way to end the week!

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New Professor Lazarus Strip Published in FutureQuake Comic!


Cover art for FutureQuake 2018 by: Gibson Quarter and Steven Denton

Professor Lazarus is back, and she’s in the 2018 edition of FutureQuake comic! This bumper issue, released on May 1st, 2018, is a whopping 88 pages in length and contains 20 first-rate stories.

The Ship is the second Professor Lazarus comic strip printed by the UK-based small-press comic, FutureQuake. This time, her adventures are drawn by the very talented Brett Buckle. Here is Brett’s promo art for the strip:


I love the alien captain’s muttonchops! The strip is crammed full of terrific visuals – Brett really did a tremendous job.

So, what’s this story all about? In The Ship, Professor Lazarus is found floating in space by passing aliens… how did she get there? And will the aliens find a way to understand Lazarus’s frantic messages in time to discover the danger that threatens them all?

Here is the publisher’s blurb for the issue:

FutureQuake is back to brighten the boring, Inspire the indolent and render the jaded jubilant! Within the latest incredible issue witness a titanic 20 possible futures including the return of the one and only Neroy Sphinx. All within a cover by Gibson Quarter and Steven Denton.

You can purchase the 2018 issue at FutureQuake’s website here. Please pick up a copy! And for more details about this wonderful comic, including a full listing of contributors, click here. It really is a first-class anthology comic, full of marvelous stories and art.


For those of you interested in the earlier adventures of Professor Lazarus, read on. You can click here for details about the first FutureQuake strip featuring this character. (Brett does a great job of having her look the same as in her first strip.) Professor Lazarus has also appeared in a short story. Click here for details of her adventures in prose. With any luck, there will be more tales starring Lazarus released in the near future!


Thanks for reading.


New Age of Asmodeus Story Released in April’s Outposts of Beyond Magazine

Outposts of Beyond 20 - Tyree Campbell

It’s out!

April’s issue of Outposts of Beyond, brought to you by those fine people at Alban Lake Publishing, features my second Age of Asmodeus story, Kuro no Ken (the Black Sword).

You can buy it here.

The story is set in Japan, several years after a “magical detonation” in Wolverhampton, UK, has flooded every part of the world with vast quantities of mystical energy. Monsters now roam at will and a terrified humanity huddles behind inadequate defenses.

In Japan, the national government has fallen and a new Warring States period has begun, with regional rulers vying for control. In the midst of this chaos, Igarashi Satsuki attempts to leverage her fame as a monster-killer into political power, so she can rebuild her family’s lost influence and begin rebuilding Japan.

Satsuki wields the infamous black sword, the Kuro no Ken, that kills whatever it cuts. The sword is Satsuki’s most prized possession, her path to restoring her family and country, but when her life-long friend and servant, Hinata, makes a terrible mistake while cleaning the sword, she will be forced to reveal her darkest secret and make the most painful decision of her life.

What is more important? The life of her only friend, or the fate of her nation?

But wait, this issue doesn’t only include a short story by me, it also includes an interview! Yes, that’s right, I was interviewed by Alban Lake! You can find the interview on their Tumblr and here, in print, in Outposts of Beyond.

You can read all about this magazine here.

Hope you enjoy the story and the interview!

Thanks for reading.