13 Best Comic Book Movie Deleted Scenes You Need To See

Iron Man 2

Trawling through the deleted scenes section of a DVD release can be a depressing activity. Viewing these unused snippets almost always serves to confirm that the director was right – the scenes were cut for obvious reasons.

But sometimes, in amongst all the dross are scenes that are actually pretty damned great. These are sequences that change character motivations in new and interesting ways, that explain important plot points, and that feature truly hilarious moments. In fact, they’re scenes that make fans gasp, “Why did that get cut?! That would have made the film so much better!”

One such moment is a sequence excised from the cinematic release of Will Smith’s Hancock, in which the scruffy anti-hero picks up a woman in a bar and takes her back to his trailer. One thing leads to another and Hancock, laying on his back on his bed, is about to, ahem, finish up, when he abruptly flings the half naked woman aside. Suddenly, three holes are blown through the roof of his trailer in the “climax” of the scene.

There are so many of these “They shouldn’t have cut that!” scenes in superhero films that a list could go on forever, but here are the crème de la crème…

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