20 Doctor Who Actors Who Have Been In Star Wars (& 2 Who Will Be)

alan ruscoe star wars doctor who andy stone the waters of mars

It’s a lucky actor who gets to appear in a Star Wars movie or in a Doctor Who episode. But it’s very rare indeed for an actor to find work with both franchises. In fact, there have been only 20 to pull off this amazing achievement. Yes, that’s right, 20 actors have somehow managed to put both of these sci-fi credits on their reputable resumes. Incredibly, some of them have even done it multiple times!

Before starting, let’s set a ground rule for who actually qualifies for the list. To count as an actor/actress who has appeared in both the Star Wars universe and the Whoniverse, the person can have done voice work for one franchise but must have appeared on screen in the other franchise. Using that single rule, actors who are instantly recognisable to fans for voice performances can still appear, whilst keeping the focus of the list on on screen appearances.

Now, let’s start the list! Along the way, be sure to keep an eye out for an actor who’s not only appeared in Star Wars and Doctor Who, but the X-Files and Star Trek, too! Surely that has to be some sort of record?!

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Note – Since the time of writing, Simon Pegg and Tom Baker have both been confirmed as being involved with upcoming Star Wars projects, increasing the count of actors about to be in both Star Wars and Doctor Who to 4.


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