Doctor Who: 10 Most Compelling Series 9 Fan Theories

doctor who the girl who died

My latest online article for is now up and ready to read! Here’s an excerpt of the first 200 words or so (that’s all I’m allowed to show you on my own blog – you’ll have to go to WhatCulture to read the rest, of course).

There’s less than a week to go before Series 9 starts and somehow the production team have managed to keep spoilers to an absolute minimum.

True, we know from the trailers and the “prologue” that certain new and recurring characters and monsters are coming. Yes, there will be return appearances for Missy, the Zygons, Osgood, classic Daleks, and the Sisterhood of Karn. On the new monsters front, we can expect vikings, the Fisher King, a dragon, a fire-breathing lion person, and alien mercenaries called the Mire.

Not only that, but ghosts, sandmen, and a robed figure with a “meat-stack” face will feature to some degree or other. We even know there will be an adventure on an undersea base, an episode starring only Peter Capaldi, and a minefield of hands with eyes in their palms.

When these intriguing snippets are added to the ecstatic reviews of the opening two-parter, everything learnt so far about Series 9 is cause for celebration. But, inevitably, fans aren’t going to stop there, but then why should anyone have to wait the last few days and see what’s going to happen? That’s not how fandoms work.

One fun theory is that we’ll see how Capaldi’s cameo at the end of The Day of the Doctor fits in with the Twelfth Doctor’s timeline – and that’s just the tip of the fan-theory iceberg. Now, some of these fan theories are cool and some are crazy, but they all deserve your attention…

Please click here to read the rest of the article. Thanks!

This is my 43rd article for WhatCulture, by the way. So far, I’ve accumulated 1.9 million views, which is fantastic! Let’s see if this one can tip me over the 2 million mark! (I got 10,000 views on older articles last night alone.)

Are you as excited for Doctor Who’s ninth season as I am? Because I am very excited! In fact, I may have to start humming the theme tune under my breath right now…


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