20 Most Bizarre Moments In Doctor Who History

Mickey cork between the eyes auton rose doctor who

In honour of Doctor Who returning to our TV sets this evening, here’s another article of mine from the WhatCulture.com archives. As always, here’s a 200-word excerpt followed by a link you can click to easily read the rest of the article on the website where it’s hosted.

Anyone trying to pinpoint the most bizarre moments in Doctor Who immediately faces a massive problem: pretty much all of Doctor Who is bizarre. After all, the programme concerns an alien travelling all of space and time in a big blue wooden box. How could it not be unequivocally bonkers?

When Doctor Who is at its best, though, the eccentricity of the programme is exhilarating. The audience laughs along with it, enjoying every last ounce of the outré dialogue and each pleasantly absurd plot twist. But when the production goes off the rails, the strangeness comes from something that was actually meant to be taken seriously.

Crafting the right kind of “bizarre” is a hair-raising balancing act, and in its long history, Doctor Who has tumbled off that high wire more than a few times. These high-stakes slips are the moments that made fans yell, “What were you thinking?!” at their TV sets in mortified horror, especially if members of the “not-we” were watching with them.

Let’s take a look at the 20 most cringeworthy cases of the unintentionally bizarre. Rest assured, each entry on this list is guaranteed to be even more mortifying than the Seventh Doctor’s question mark-festooned jumper…

Please click here to read the rest of the article. Thanks for reading!


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