10 Doctor Who Storylines That Fans Pretend Never Happened

Journey to the centre of the TARDIS Doctor Who Van Baalen Brothers

Happy Monday to all the wonderful people following this blog! To help celebrate the beginning of another week, here is an article of mine from the WhatCulture.com archives. This time, it’s a Doctor Who article exploring some of the worst plotlines that fans now pretend never happened.

As always, I start with an excerpt and then provide a link you can click to read the full article on the website where it’s hosted.

It’s not surprising that with more than 50 years of adventuring under its belt Doctor Who has featured storylines that many fans choose to pretend never happened. Viewers get caught up in the rich history of the programme and then react badly when something happens that contradicts the previously established “facts” they’ve committed to memory.

After a while, each fan realises that Doctor Who is a confusing jumble of events that can’t possibly coexist in an internally consistent universe. To cope with this madness, fans develop individual “head canons”, internal universes that only include those stories or even bits of stories that fit in with what they think is proper Doctor Who.

When fans decide to toss something out of their head canons, it’s not a matter of consigning isolated bad moments to oblivion, it’s more that they think entire stories or ideas are fundamentally misguided and can’t fit in with the core concepts of the programme they love.

Let’s start with a very famous change to a central icon of the programme that really didn’t go down at all well in certain quarters.

Please click here to read the full article. Thanks!

This article got about 17,000 views within its billing period, which was okay but not stellar. At the time there were a lot of Doctor Who articles being posted up on the website and I think it got buried amongst everything else. Having just re-read the article, I think it’s good enough to deserve a wider audience. Unlike many articles, it casts a pretty wide net, including things like books and webcasts that other writers would tend to either not know about or ignore. In other words, it’s rather more thorough than some pieces of writing you’ll find on the internet.

Also, in light of the opening story to Series 9, items 10 and 5 are worthy of repetition. The things mentioned in item 10 conspicuously failed to turn up in Saturday’s story, and the concerns discussed in item 5 are going to be in many fans’ thoughts this week, in light of what Missy claimed.

I hope you enjoy the article, and thanks for reading!


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