14 Doctor Who Companions That Need To Return

doctor who romana lall ward

With Jenna Coleman confirming that she’s leaving Doctor Who at the end of the current season, now might be a good time to invite back a companion from the classic series, at least for a short while.

Not too long ago, I wrote an article for WhatCulture.com outlining the 14 companion characters who I thought still had something left to contribute to the series. There must be someone on this list who could return for Series 10 (I’d pull for No. 1 to come back!). As always, here’s a 200-word excerpt followed by a link to the website where the full article is hosted. (Since I sold the article, I don’t have rights to the full thing, of course.)

Everyone has companions they’d like to see return to Doctor Who but not all of these fondly remembered characters can or should return. Some companions are locked away behind an impenetrable wall of timey-wimey stuff that the Doctor will explain later, à la Amy and Rory. Other characters, meanwhile, have completed an emotional arc, the impact of which would only be lessened by an untimely reappearance, such as with Rose, Martha, Wilf, and River Song.

Before listing the prime contenders for entrance to this exclusive club, let’s lay down some guidelines. Wonderful though certain characters are (Jenny clone-of-the-Doctor, Malcolm, Vastra, Jenny faux-Victorian-housemaid Flint, and Strax), this article is limited to considering only bona fide travelling companions or characters that, for the span of a story, occupied that role.

With that said, here are 14 more that could feasibly return, if only for a single story, building up to one whose return would cause fans the most sheer, unbridled joy. For each of these characters, the story is far from done.

Please click here to read the full article. Thanks!

Oh, and look who I said shouldn’t return because her story is told – River Song. And guess who’s coming back for the next Xmas Special…. *Sigh* Let’s hope there’s a good reason for Professor Song’s return…


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