7 Doctor Who Spin Off Characters That Need To Be In The TV Series

bernice summerfield doctor who big finish

Here’s another article I wrote for WhatCulture.com that I felt got an unfairly small number of views. Again, this article looks at many areas of Doctor Who storytelling that are routinely ignored – the audios, comics, books and webcasts are important too! Are your favourite spin-off characters on this list?

Let’s start with a 200-word excerpt (because that’s all I can show you, having sold the article and all), followed by a link you can click to easily read the full article on the site that bought the piece of writing.

As every Doctor Who fan knows, there are so many spin off stories from the audio ranges, radio shows, books, comics and web casts that the mind fairly reels. It can be hard to keep track of it all, but buried in this vast expanse of multi-media adventures are some truly great characters that could successfully make the transition to the TV programme.

Allies and foes can be found in the endless tracts of non-TV Doctor Who fiction. Some have even inspired characters in TV episodes already – the Eleventh Doctor’s travelling companion, Handles, was a nice nod to the comic-book protagonist Kroton, the Cyberman with a soul.

Here are seven characters, some of them nice and some of them not so nice, who would add some vital element to a TV episode – whether it be comedic relief, unique methods of assisting the Doctor or ways of adding depth to the Doctor’s character. Let’s start with one of the most powerful allies the Doctor has ever had…

Please click here to read the full article on the website where it’s hosted. Thanks!


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