And My Most Popular Online Article Is Now…

SubOrbital Bomber Silbervogel

…about Nazi superweapons. My most popular article used to be one listing leaks about the plot of the forthcoming Star Wars film, The Force Awakens. But after 8 long months, the more scholarly article has overtaken the one about a galaxy far, far away. I’m not sure what that proves, other than I was right to think that a piece of writing about the Second World War would be popular. Perhaps it shows that it can take time for writing to find its audience.

Of course, I was only paid for the views that the article got in its first month or so, which means most of the 183,000 views haven’t earnt me a cent. And that sucks, clearly. But that’s the way things go. And I must admit, part of me is happy that more readers are interested in history than in Star Wars.

You can click here to read the full Nazi superweapon article on the website that purchased it,

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