Thrilled To Announce Another Sale!

At last, I have more good news to report. I have just signed a contract with Metasagas for the sale of a short story. The story, Something to Watch Over Us, will feature in Volume 1 of Futuristica, due to go on sale in March or April of 2016.

It was a pleasure to work with the editor, Chester Hoster, a truly talented and professional editor.

I cannot wait for the book to go on sale! As more details, such as how to buy the anthology, are passed on to me, I will post them here.

By the way, the theme of the anthology – women positive, science positive – is enough on its own to make me want to spread the word and get people to read it. Yes, science can be a good thing – but you’d often be hard pressed to know that from most sci-fi collections!

The story I wrote for this anthology is set in Japan. Indeed, part of it is set in a town where I lived. I have written a bunch of stories set in the various places where I’ve lived (always write what you know, right?) but this is only the second to see print. The other story was Fishing Expedition, which had scenes set in Iowa, the state where I live now.

Now I’ve managed to get Iowa and rural Japan into print, I’m left with trying to get Hounslow (West London) and Stoke-on-Trent into professionally published stories. I have written a couple of stories set in Stoke-on-Trent (a location I think you’ll agree is delightfully well suited to horror). One day, I hope these stories will find a home. Fingers crossed!


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