Another Book Nears Completion!

And yet more good news! Another book featuring my work, You and Who Else, is nearing completion. J. R. Southall, the editor of this non-fiction collection of essays about British cult TV that will raise money for charity, has posted an exciting update on the book’s progress.

Here’s the latest:

Tentative publication date is 20th November – the book is estimated to be almost 800 pages in length, with roughly 170 essays by around 150 authors. An amazing feat!
The price will be about £20 – £25 and he is planning on doing a Kindle version. All things being equal, this will be published at more or less the same time as the print edition. His intention is that this will be free to people who have already ordered the print edition.
As soon as it goes on sale, I will be sure to post links to purchasing the book on Amazon!
My essay, by the way, is on Blake’s 7. (I insist on the possessive apostrophe regardless of the logo used by the series. I feel Avon would agree with me on an insistence on correct punctuation. Hmm, I’m in league with Avon… Suddenly, I’m worried…)

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