New E-Book Released!


I am very excited to announce that my short story The Tulku of Titan has bee re-released by Nomadic Delirium Press, this time as a standalone e-book! This story was originally printed in the anthology The Martian Wave 2015 from the same publisher and was the first story to be re-released.

To give you a taste of what this science-fiction-meets-Buddhism tale is all about, here’s the publisher’s blurb:

The Dalai Lama has passed away, but the monks who must search for his new incarnation are not prepared for the fact that he has gone into space…nor are they prepared for what they find once they reach Titan.

Doesn’t sound like the average science fiction story, right? 🙂

Please consider clicking one of the following links to purchase this e-book.

  • Click here to purchase the e-book direct from the publisher.
  • Click here to purchase the e-book through Amazon.
  • Click here to purchase the e-book on Smashwords.

The e-book will also become available on other sites over the course of the next few days. Please help support a great publisher by investing 99 cents in what will hopefully be the first in a long series of Titanville stories!



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