Writing Round-Up for 2016: A Few Stories Published, A Few More To Come

With 2016 almost at an end, it’s time to look back and recap how things have gone this year. It was certainly a busy few months, containing my biggest fiction sale to date as well as my first published sequel.

Futuristica Volume 1 was released to great reviews, and I even received some fan tweets on Twitter about my entry, Something to Watch Over Us (thanks for all the kind words!). This superb anthology is still up for sale on Amazon. You should give it a try – there are some outstanding stories within its covers. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: the editor, Chester Hoster, is simply wonderful.

Later in the year, I was pleased to hear that my non-fiction essay for Watching Books’ upcoming collection You on Target was accepted. You on Target will be a nostalgic tour through fans’ experiences of the Target range of Doctor Who novelizations. The editor for this book is still valiantly plowing through the 150+ essays needed to fill its pages, and is now over a third of the way through with his editing chores, I think.

We hope that this Herculean task can be completed by the end of 2017, but time will tell. Previous volumes in the “You and Who” range have been very well received and I am very excited to be a part of this project too.

More recently, I was thrilled to have my sequel to The Tulku of Titan accepted by Nomadic Delirium Press. The second story set on the  Titanville space station is The Terror of Titan, a murder mystery tale introducing the station’s marshal, Augusta Thurm. This whodunnit was packaged along with the first story in an enlarged e-book. You can view details on Amazon here or on NDP’s own website here.

My association with NDP this year didn’t stop there, though. I have also signed a contract with them for an upcoming “best of” anthology. The Best of Both Worlds will reprint The Tulku of Titan and is due out shortly.

Update: The Best of Both Worlds is now out! Here’s the cover, and I will be posting links shortly!


Farther out in NDP’s publishing schedule is another anthology, Disharmony of the Spheres. I am pleased to announce that I have also been accepted into that book, with a story called The Man Who Killed Computers. It’s still early days for these projects, of course, and things can always fall through, but J at NDP is a great guy and always puts out high-quality volumes that are well worth a look.

I’ll be sure to post links and additional details as these other stories and essays move closer to actual publication. 2017 already looks like another year with multiple projects coming to fruition. On top of that, there are many submissions that I have yet to hear back about, so there may be more successes to report soon!

As any writer will tell you, for every story that sells there are at least two or three that don’t. I am far from immune from this reality. But rejections are merely opportunities to make the stories better. After all, Something to Watch Over Us was turned down by a magazine before Metasagas Press bought it, and that story then earned more than all of my other fiction writing added together up to that date. So, don’t let the “no’s” get you down and keep on sending those stories off – there’s no printing without submitting!

Here’s hoping we all have a great 2017. Best of luck to all my fellow writers, and best wishes to all my readers.



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