Reverse Horror Story Released in Alban Lake’s Bloodbond Magazine!


Last month saw the release of my tale, Reverse Horror Story, in Alban Lake Publishing’s biannual magazine Bloodbond.

Reverse Horror Story is the first story in a series of interlinked tales, which will hopefully all see the light of day. The stories are known collectively, in my head at least, as The Age of Asmodeus.

This opening installment was printed in the November 2017 edition of Bloodbond.
For more information about this wonderful, very well put-together magazine, click here.

The story is set in the British city of Stoke-on-Trent. I can personally swear to the accuracy of the setting since I lived in Stoke-on-Trent for about 12 years. “Stokies” may appreciate the numerous in-jokes throughout the story.

The central idea of The Age of Asmodeus is: What would the world be like if magic were suddenly made real? How would this fundamental change in reality affect people? What would their experiences and lives be like? Would they be happy at the change or horrified?

In Reverse Horror Story, we see this situation from the point of view of Vincenc, a vampire forced to work on a construction site. Yes, you read that right, the humans are making him build a tower block.

But don’t only expect vampires in this tale – there are all kinds of other creatures of the night featured along with the vampires, along with one or two nasties that only came into existence once magic was unleashed on the world.

It’s a whole new Earth in this story, and the vampires aren’t any happier about it than the humans.

Click here for the page dedicated to this story, which includes a full list of contributor’s to this excellent magazine.


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