“The Library of Ice” Now Released in Latest Outposts of Beyond Magazine

Outposts of Beyond 19 - Tyree Campbell

My latest science fiction short story, The Library of Ice, is now available in the January 2018 issue of Outposts of Beyond! This fine-looking magazine, edited by Tyree Campbell and sporting an elegant cover by Mitchell Davidson Bentley, can be purchased by clicking here.

Please check out the magazine for my tale of an ice monster invading a library on the asteroid Ceres. Our heroes flee the creature, only to discover they’ve fled into a passage with no way out! With only their wits to rely on, can they survive this ordeal? Settle down for a tale of monsters, icy death, and hundreds of… books. Well, it is a library.

Bear in mind, the hero of this story was trying to settle down for a good read when all hell broke loose. I hope you enjoy more peace and quiet that he was able to find…

(For full details of this story, including behind-the-scenes details, click here.)

Thanks for reading! (Never has that phrase been more applicable on this site.)






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