“Buddy System” Released in New Science Fiction Anthology

It’s time for me to catch up on a few writing announcements, so here’s the first of a few blogs.

First up: the Mind Candy collection I mentioned before is now out (it came out last month actually, but I was snowed under with so many things I never got round to bragging about it mentioning it in a humble and understated manner).

This anthology from Myriad Paradigm features my story Buddy System, which explores quantum entanglement colliding with human and emotional entanglement. I guess that’s fancy-pants talk for “I remembered to make it more about people than about science.”

In short, it’s all about a woman from India and a woman from Australia working together in space, and there are robots! Complications ensue. (As always.) Hopefully, you’ll find it a fun read.

For more details about this story and the book, click here.

To buy the anthology on Amazon, click here.

Note for those of you who love fun English-language slang: With some of the characters being Australian, I did take the opportunity to use some great phrases and words I’ve heard my Ozzie pals saying over the years. Watch out for “figjam” in particular. Great word. Makes me smile every time I hear it.

Thanks for reading my blog, as always, and remember to support small presses!

Until next time.




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