New Age of Asmodeus Story Released in April’s Outposts of Beyond Magazine

Outposts of Beyond 20 - Tyree Campbell

It’s out!

April’s issue of Outposts of Beyond, brought to you by those fine people at Alban Lake Publishing, features my second Age of Asmodeus story, Kuro no Ken (the Black Sword).

You can buy it here.

The story is set in Japan, several years after a “magical detonation” in Wolverhampton, UK, has flooded every part of the world with vast quantities of mystical energy. Monsters now roam at will and a terrified humanity huddles behind inadequate defenses.

In Japan, the national government has fallen and a new Warring States period has begun, with regional rulers vying for control. In the midst of this chaos, Igarashi Satsuki attempts to leverage her fame as a monster-killer into political power, so she can rebuild her family’s lost influence and begin rebuilding Japan.

Satsuki wields the infamous black sword, the Kuro no Ken, that kills whatever it cuts. The sword is Satsuki’s most prized possession, her path to restoring her family and country, but when her life-long friend and servant, Hinata, makes a terrible mistake while cleaning the sword, she will be forced to reveal her darkest secret and make the most painful decision of her life.

What is more important? The life of her only friend, or the fate of her nation?

But wait, this issue doesn’t only include a short story by me, it also includes an interview! Yes, that’s right, I was interviewed by Alban Lake! You can find the interview on their Tumblr and here, in print, in Outposts of Beyond.

You can read all about this magazine here.

Hope you enjoy the story and the interview!

Thanks for reading.







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