“The Games Go On” Released as a New E-Book

The Games Go On

I am very happy to announce my latest science fiction tale, The Games Go On, is now available for you to buy!

The Games Go On is a science fiction future-sports tale, published as part of the first Delirious Doubles e-book by Nomadic Delirium Press. It also touches on issues to do with the environment, mass media, and abortion.

Jayneth Preston is born into a claustrophobic world, where she is expected to fight to the death for the amusement of the masses. But where did she come from, and does she have a family waiting for her on the outside? Is the arena all she will ever know? Not if Jayneth has anything to do with it–!

The e-book also features a story by Tyree Campbell, a well-known writer in his own right. That’s probably enough reason by itself to buy the e-book.

Here is the blurb for the e-book:

Delirious Doubles presents two stories from different authors. This edition gives you The Impossible Child by Tyree Campbell…a woman from another world has come to Earth to study the fallen society of the planet. Early in her mission she is raped by a gang of marauders and becomes pregnant with a daughter. Now that it’s almost time to return to her own world, she must decide what to do with her young daughter…take her with her or leave her behind on the hostile planet…or does she even have a choice.
You also get The Games Go On by Mike Morgan…a woman is born as an adult into a world where her family has sold her into indentured servitude as a gladiator, a gladiator that is meant to fight for the masses, but when there are no battles, she begins to wonder what’s really going on, and once she learns the truth, she’ll be forced to decide what to do with the information.

You can purchase this book on Amazon here. Please also consider purchasing the book direct from the publisher here. That way, more of your money goes to supporting an independent publisher.

Thanks. Catch you all soon. And I hope you like the story.



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