“The Unobservable Universe” Will Soon Be Visible in New Alban Lake Press Anthology

More good news! The wonderful Karen Otto at Alban Lake Press has kindly accepted my afro-futurist science fiction short story The Unobservable Universe for their forthcoming anthology, Anatomy of Hate. The collection is due out in January 2019.

The anthology explores the effects of hate on both the hated and the hater. A fascinating theme, I’m sure you’ll agree.

My story is set on a planet settled by colonists from Africa. They thought they had found a place safe from racism and exploitation, but they were wrong. Once again, the ugly stain of fascism has infected humanity, this time creeping across the galaxy to the colonists’ doorstep. In the face of wild hate, a museum curator and her portrait artist friend attempt to save indigenous artwork from the fascists, only to discover the true purpose of the alien artifact. Is it a weapon they can use to fight back against the Seventh Imperium, or will it instead reveal an even greater threat – one that endangers not only all of the far-flung human race, but the universe itself? Only one thing is certain: win or lose, the fight will leave them changed forever.

I hope you all enjoy the story. I know I can’t wait to devour all the stories in such an intriguing-sounding anthology.

Thank you for reading.




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