“The Wall Is Beautiful” Reprinted in New “Divided Sates” Collection


If you’ve never read a story in Nomadic Delirium Press’s Divided States series, now is a great time to start. For the first time, multiple tales in this intriguing, ongoing e-book saga have been gathered together in a printed collection, which makes dipping into this future world of a fractured United States easier – and cheaper – than ever before. Included in Volume 1, I’m proud to say, is my very own contribution to this shared universe, The Wall Is Beautiful.

In the aftermath of the breakup of the United States of America, life in the Republic of Texas is a whole lot different from how it is today. For a start, in this new country, the Border Patrol’s job is to guard the gargantuan wall that extends along its southern border with Mexico. And for one member of the Border Patrol, life is about to get very complicated indeed. Because walls don’t only keep things out – they keep things trapped inside, too…

You can purchase this collection direct from the publisher by clicking here.

For more details about The Wall Is Beautiful, including behind-the-scenes insights and information about its original life as an e-book, click here.

As always, thanks for reading!




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