27 Astonishing Things You Didn’t Know About London

ATM with Cockney

When it comes to describing London, Dr. Samuel Johnson said it best: “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.” The UK’s capital city is stuffed to its Tudor rafters with reminders of its long and convoluted history. Somehow, thousands of historic sites have survived myriad disasters, from the Black Death to the Great Fire. And that’s something both residents and visitors can be truly grateful for.

Not all the landmarks in London are beyond reproach, however. Richard Rogers, the architect behind the Cheesegrater and the Lloyds building was unforgettably described by Prince Charles as “The worst thing to happen to London’s skyline since the Blitz.”

London doesn’t just offer architecture, of course. There are countless things to do as well as see, and there are endless fascinating stories of Londoners’ misadventures and triumphs. Even people who have lived in London all their lives are often surprised by facts about the city and what can be found there today. For example, more than half of the underground train system is, despite its name, actually overground.

Here are 27 more awesome facts about London, from weird locations to incredible tales from its past, that everyone needs to know.

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Note – This article originally contained 33 facts about London. The 6 facts that were removed for length during editing can be viewed on my Tumblr by clicking here. Thanks!


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