5 Reasons Why Living In The USA Rocks For A Brit (And 5 Reasons Why It Sucks)

british accents

It’s never easy living in a foreign country. There are hundreds of minor and not so minor differences to get used to – from the relatively trivial matter of driving on the other side of the road to the rather serious issues of natural disasters, gun-related crime and wild animals that genuinely want to eat you. Obviously each country has its own nuances, its own smells, and its own tasting water, but therein lies the charm.

When it comes to living in the USA in particular, there’s the definite plus of refried beans to consider (they taste better than they sound) but there are also fire ants, countless varieties of poisonous snakes, mountain lions and coyotes. Oh, and there’s that whole issue of the super-volcano underneath Yellowstone that MIGHT just explode at any time killing everyone.

For British people specifically, there are a host of other factors to weigh. At the least irritating end of the spectrum are the downright peculiar folk who think it’s funny to constantly bring up the Revolutionary War in conversation. But, by a clear mile, the strangest aspect for a Brit based in the US is the persistent feeling that everything here was built five minutes ago. Which quite a lot of it was.

At the risk of people saying, “You chose to live there, mate,” here are a list of 5 things that are just brilliant for a Brit camping out State-side followed by 5 slightly less marvellous factors.

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