A Spider Queen in Every Home (Published in More Alternative Truths)

More Alternative Truths: Stories from the Resistance by [Brown, Bob, Chesse, C. A., Castro, Adam-Troy, Featherston, Bobby Lee, Cozzens, Brad, Lombardi, Bruno, Ennen, Colin Patrick, Brin, David, Gerrold, David, Godfrey, Debora]

My story, A Spider Queen in Every Home, appears near the end of this book, More Alternative Truths: Stories from the Resistance. The story takes place in Davenport, Iowa, where I live. Set in the near future, it explores the reluctance of some people to deal with cast-iron facts, and the consequences of such pigheaded, willful wrongheadedness. There are giant insects, too, because they’re always fun!

The story also dwells on how science and political ideology make poor bedfellows. The plot was inspired in part by Trump administration officials instructing their departments to stop talking about inconvenient truths, such as climate change, because they don’t fit in with Trump’s personal beliefs and/or his political stances.

You know, if your beliefs don’t fit the facts, it’s better to change your beliefs, rather than try to alter reality. Or, situations like the one in this story might happen…

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Following is a description of the book, courtesy of the publisher:

More Alternative Truths is an exploration of the potential consequences of today’s politics in our daily lives. More than our individual lives, but our American identity.

This exploration defines this anthology. So many of the stories ask what has America become? What will it be in the future? Will it devolve into a Russian style oligarchy, or will we rise to the challenge and use our hearts, our minds and our votes to return to a rational democracy, of, by, and for the people. No one knows for sure. But these top-tier talented authors from around the world, from Philip Brian Hall to Bruno Lombardi to Jane Yolen give us their visions.

Of interest you might find Lou Antonelli’s “Queens Crossing” a unique view of alternatives. What if the Donald had moved to Cleveland. Just remember, Cleveland Rocks and so does this story.

You will find the witticisms of Jim Wright exploring Donald Trump as Moses after presentation of the Ten Commandments. The mental genius of Edd Vick and Manny Frishberg as they give us Trump, tweeting his way across the solar system. There is much to laugh about.

There are serious visions as well. Brad Cozzens’s brilliant poem “America Once Beautiful” reaches poignantly from today’s reality into some salvageable vision of tomorrow that borrows from yesterday’s values. The poets in this volume, be they Brad, Jane Yolen, Gwyndyn T. Alexander or C.A. Chesse, bring new meanings to words and leave you thoughtful.

If you want a fun romp, jump to “Wishcraft.com,” by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, as she explores how important it is that political hacks not annoy witches. Or, if you prefer, K.G. Anderson’s, “The Right Man for the Job,” in which a post-corporeal LBJ rides to the rescue.

There is something for everyone. Coping. How do we cope? This painful question is explored by three of our best and brightest. Jill Zeller, a woman who won’t write of Elves, has given us “A Woman Walks Into a Bar,” an affirmation of our own choices. Coping is also explored brilliantly by Karin L. Frank and Kerri-Leigh Grady in their stories “HMO” and “Final Delivery.”

There are so many more great stories in this collection, I can truly recommend them all. If, however, you can only read one, then read Eric M. Witchey’s “Small Courages,” and let it touch you, maybe bring tears of hope, as you see our world through the eyes of a child and find that we can survive. We will survive.

Book Details:

Publisher: B Cubed Press
Date Published: November 11, 2017
ISBN: 978-0998963433
Editor: Bob Brown

List of Contributors

Read on for the full list of who contributed to this amazing collection. There are some very famous names on this list!

  • Foreword by David Gerrold
  • Orangemandias by Adam-Troy Castro
  • The Right Man for the Job by K.G. Anderson
  • I Am A Woman by Jane Yolen
  • How Dangerous is Republican manic-depressive disease? Both bipolar phases are destructive, but the manic ones kill? by David Brin
  • Drafting the President by Lou J Berger
  • Dr. Republican’s Monster by Jim Wright
  • A Letter from the Federal Women’s Prison by Stephanie L. Weippert
  • One of the Lucky Ones by Wondra Vanian
  • A Beautiful Industry by Stuart Hardy
  • Queens Crossing by Lou Antonelli
  • Small Courages by Eric M. Witchey
  • The Nompers by Rebecca Mix
  • The Ten Commandments Renegotiated by Jim Wright and Bobby Lee Featherston
  • Illegal Citizens by Irene Radford
  • During the Lockdown, After the Lockdown by Michael Haynes
  • A Sonnet on Truth by Philip Brian Hall
  • The Diplomatic Thing by Esther Friesner
  • The Politicians by Mike Resnick
  • A Modest Proposal for the Perfection of Nature by Vonda N. McIntyre
  • Conspiracy of Silence by Philip Brian Hall
  • HMO by Karen L. Frank
  • Being Donald Trump by Bruno Lombardi
  • America Once Beautiful by Brad Cozzens
  • America First by Tais Teng
  • Final Delivery by Kerri-Leigh Grady
  • No Tanks by Jane Yolen
  • Treasures by Rebeccaa McFarland Kyle
  • Remembering the Bowling Green Massacre by Steve Weddle
  • Tweetstorm by Edd Vick and Manny Frishberg
  • The Tinker’s Damn by Edward Ahern
  • Wishcraft.com by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
  • A Woman Walks Into a Bar by Jill Zeller
  • America Year Zero by Gwyndyn T. Alexander
  • Future Perfect by V. E. Mitchell
  • How to Recognize a Shapeshifting Lizardman (Or Woman) Who Has Been Appointed to a High-Ranking Government Cabinet Position by Kurt Newton
  • I Didn’t Say That by Jane Yolen
  • Non-White in America by Debora Godfrey
  • Desperate Resolve by John A Pitts
  • You are Weighed in the Balance by Rivka Jacobs
  • Priorities by C. A Chesse
  • The Healer by Melinda LaFevers
  • Triple R Presents by Colin Patrick Ennen
  • Donald, Where’s Your Taxes? by Susan Murrie Macdonald and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
  • A Spider Queen in Every Home by Mike Morgan
  • Trickster Times by Jane Yolen


The reviews so far on Amazon are uniformly positive, 5-star recommendations for the book. I am thrilled to be in such stellar company! Please don’t forget to leave your own review.


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