About Mike Morgan

LinkinprofilepictureHi. I’m Mike Morgan.

I’m a husband and father of two young children. I’m also lucky enough to have the opportunity to write and draw. I’ve lived and worked on three continents (Europe, Asia, and North America), and I’ve enjoyed every place I’ve been – with the possible exception of Middleport (that’s a little “Stokie” humour there; actually, Middleport’s fine).

On this website, you’ll find details of fiction and non-fiction I’ve written, as well as cartoons and illustrations I’ve created. You’ll quickly notice that I write a lot of science fiction, horror, and fantasy. Unsurprisingly, the non-fiction articles and illustrations on this website also fall into those genres. If you like SF/F/H as much as I do, hopefully you’ll find something here to amuse you. And, if you like Doctor Who, you’re certain to be in luck!

To buy any of the books featuring my work, please refer to my author’s page on Amazon. Or, click on the webpage for a specific book and follow the link there to the publisher’s own website.

I also have an author’s page on Good Reads. Additionally, you can follow me on Twitter. Or, you can follow me on Tumblr.
(When I write reviews of movies and TV shows, I put them on my Tumblr, so you won’t find them here.)
Happy reading!

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