Buddy System (Published in Mind Candy)

This anthology features my story Buddy System, which explores the territory where quantum entanglement collides with human and emotional entanglement.

Priya wanted a career in journalism. Instead, she finds herself working in space. It’s what all the cool kids are doing. But a job in space brings complications Priya never saw coming…

Here is the book’s description, courtesy of the publisher:

Mind Candy is a collection of speculative fiction around the theme of: What if the mind, memories, thoughts didn’t work they way we think they do? What if we had to share our thoughts? What if the land itself manipulated your thoughts? What do robots think? Twenty stories with settings from the world of insects to the vast reaches of space, by authors that are willing to take on these questions and many more.

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In 2018, this book won an award from the Florida Authors & Publishers Association (FAPA). Mind Candy received the silver medal in the Young Adult: Science Fiction/Fantasy category. For more details on FAPA’s page, click here.

Book Details:

Publisher: Myriad Paradigm Press
Date Published: February 6, 2018
ISBN: 978-1978380455
Editor: Alvin Mullen
Length: 176 pages

List of Contributors

Read on for the full list of who contributed to this amazing collection. There are some well-known names on this list!

  • Caroline Sciriha

  • Benjamin C. Kinney

  • Laurence Raphael Brothers

  • Patrick S. Baker

  • Gretchen Tessmer

  • Ellen Denton

  • Jacqueline Seewald

  • Conor Powers-Smith

  • Allan Dyen-Shapiro

  • Mike Morgan

  • Richard Flores IV

  • Ken Poyner

  • Mike Adamson

  • Ray Daley

  • Andrea L. Staum

  • Patrick Hurley

  • Olivia Berrier

  • R.Y. Brockway

  • M.K. Hutchin

Previous Cover

The original cover was replaced with the one you see at the top of this page. If you bought the book on its first run, the following cover is the one you’ll remember.

Mind Candy by [Mullen, Alvin, Baker, Patrick S. , Power-Smith, Conor, Brothers, Laurence R., Adamson, Mike, Morgan, Michael, Sciriha, Caroline, Seewald, Jacqueline, Souza, Doug C, Denton, Ellen]


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