Doctor Who: 10 Unpopular Opinions About Everyone’s Favourite Episodes


Let’s begin by mangling the words of Benjamin Franklin: “Griping about episodes everyone loves is the most natural state of Doctor Who fans.” Of course, Benjamin was really talking about marriage being the natural state of man, and there are times when it certainly feels like fans are married to their favourite programme, for better or worse.

Joking aside, it’s undeniable that there are hugely esteemed episodes of the revived series that are, when you stop and think about them, deeply flawed, if not a bit rubbish. Having said that, just because certain parts suck that doesn’t mean each of these episodes is entirely bad. There’s always something to like in every episode of Doctor Who, and more often that not, several somethings.

But what are the most widely admired stories that are, upon even cursory analysis, not as good as all that? Which adventures were not as well-written or as expertly put-together as initially thought? Here comes a list of the top 10 contenders for people’s favourite episodes that are really not quite as good as is generally claimed.

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