Ghosts of Titan (Published in Sounds of the Night)


The third Titanville Tale, Ghosts of Titanville, was published in October 2018 in the ghost story anthology Sounds of the Night. To date, this is the longest story in the series.

Kaylene Morrison has lived on the run-down space station in orbit around Titan for as long as she can remember. Her school days are drawing to a close and – even worse – she has to complete her mandatory work experience. She’s not looking forward to that for a couple of reasons:

One, on Titanville, work experience for a teenager is putting on a spacesuit, standing on the outside of the station’s hull, and positioning chunks of ice harvested from Saturn’s moons into a thick barrier of radiation shielding.

And two, that was the job that got Kaylene’s father killed.

If Kaylene’s worries over treading in her dead father’s footsteps aren’t enough, there’s the talk of the station’s ghosts to consider: the mournful echoes of those who have sacrificed themselves so the rest can live. Then there’s the damage her body is accumulating due to sustained exposure to low gravity. And none of this is made any easier to bear by Kay’s mother, who can’t stop complaining about immigrants, of all things.

Nerves scraped raw by everything around her, is it any wonder Kay is obsessively pulling out her hair?

There’s no avoiding going out onto the station’s skin, into the awful blackness of the space between the inner and outer hull plates, into the Sheath, where there is only ice… and death.

In the vacuum of space high above Titan, Kay is haunted by the specter of her father and by something else, too. For crimes were committed, long ago, and the consequences of those secret sins reverberate into the present.

Titanville isn’t only haunted by its dead; it’s haunted by its past. And that past could get Kay killed.


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Book Details:

Publisher: Alban Lake Publishing
Date Published: October 1, 2018
ISBN: 237-0000482341
Editor: Karen Otto
Length: 139 pages

List of Contributors:

DJ Tyrer | Marcus Vance | Gregory L. Norris | Fred Nolan | Eamonn Murphy | Mike Morgan | S.J. Budd | Frank Coffman | Elena Sichrovsky | Lisa Timpf

Previous Titanville Tales:

There have been two prior stories set on Titanville. Many of the characters in Ghosts of Titan were introduced in these earlier tales.

  1. The Tulku of Titan
  2. The Terror of Titan

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Behind the Scenes:

A lot of research went into how big the station would need to be to generate two-thirds of Earth’s gravity through spinning (centripetal acceleration). An online spin calculator came to my aid, fortunately! This is the first of the Titanville Tales to delve into the specifics of how the station was built and into the daily lives of its inhabitants. Building Titanville cost lives, and working there is tough.