“The Library of Ice” to Be Published in Outposts of Beyond in Jan 2018

And… that’s another contract signed!

Imagine me doing a happy dance right about now.

My story, The Library of Ice, has been accepted for publication in January 2018’s issue of Alban Lake Press’s Outposts of Beyond magazine.

As we get closer to the publication date, I’ll be sure to post details of how you can buy the magazine.

As a reminder, upcoming releases featuring my stories include:

  • The Man Who Killed Computers in Nomadic Delirium Press’s Disharmony of the Spheres anthology (October 2017, or thereabouts)
  • Reverse Horror Story in Alban Lake’s Bloodbond magazine (November 2017)

There are a couple of other projects in the works too, but I’m loathe to announce anything without a firm publication date. Hopefully, I’ll be able to announce these other stories shortly, once the details are firmed up.

Looking back at recently released books, you might also want to check out The Best of Both Worlds Vol 1, released jointly by Alban Lake Press and Nomadic Delirium; a great collection that reprinted the first of my Titanville stories, The Tulku of Titan.

Thanks for reading!




Publication Date Announced: The Man Who Killed Computers to Be Released in Disharmony of the Spheres Later this Year

The contract has been signed and the intended publication date is announced – my story The Man Who Killed Computers will be released as part of the anthology Disharmony of the Spheres through Nomadic Delirium Press in October 2017!

I’ll post more more news as I have it. I’m looking forward to this story coming out – it’s my first published action—thriller tale! I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

There are a couple of other projects moving toward completion, too. I’ll post about them as soon as things get closer to release.

Thank you for reading.


The Unofficial Doctor Who Limerick Book Is Now Available For Order

Unofficial Doctor Who Limerick Book cover art

Exciting news just in! Mere seconds ago, I found out that The Unofficial Doctor Who Limerick Book, edited by Jenny Shirt and Christopher Samuel Stone and released through Long Scarf Publishing, is now available for order. I am pleased to confess that this book raising money for the charity MIND contains a limerick by me.

For more information and to pre-order the book, click here.

I will post more details as I receive them. This book looks like enormous fun. Order while you can – it’s for a good cause!


Thanks for reading.

New E-Story Published: The Wall Is Beautiful

The Wall Is Beautiful

March was another busy writing month for me, seeing the release of another of my stories, The Wall Is Beautiful, as an e-book through Nomadic Delirium Press. The Wall Is Beautiful is the second story in Nomadic Delirium’s Divided States of America series, which explores life after the collapse of the USA. My installment is set in Texas, mostly along the Texas—Mexico border, and imagines a new Texan republic surrounded by a massive, eighty-foot-tall concrete wall.

Here is the blurb for the e-book:

Border patrol agent Rick Moreno is one of the few Mexican-Americans left in the heavily fortified nation of Texas, a token non-Anglo paid to catch immigrants tunneling under the great country’s defenses. He faces bigotry and loathing on a daily basis, not least from his patrol partner, Mitch. As Rick’s frustration and anger intensifies, he is shocked to discover Texas’s famed border wall is no longer keeping the outside world at bay. But the thing that has blundered into the borderlands is more disturbing than anything Rick has seen before. He and Mitch must find a way to deal with the intruder and the future it represents, before that future deals with them.

When I came to the US as an immigrant in 2006, Texas was the state I lived in. I stayed there for roughly eight years, before relocating to Iowa. Many of the thoughts and feelings I experienced during those eight years bubbled to the surface during the writing of this story.

I think it’s safe to say I don’t like the idea of walls between nations. The thought that the current administration of the US seems determined to build one now makes me sick to my stomach. Walls can keep out some things, but they can’t keep out ideas and they can’t keep out the future.

When the editor at Nomadic Delirium responded to my story submission, his acceptance email began with a one-word sentence: “Wow.” I hope this story elicits the same reaction from you.

The e-book is available for purchase through Nomadic Delirium’s own site here, and through Amazon here. If you prefer using Smashwords, you can buy it here.

I was a student at university when the Berlin Wall fell. People across the world celebrated that event, regardless of political doctrine. Now I’m in my mid-forties, I find myself in a world where some of those same people think building a new wall is a good idea. This fills me with sadness.

I hope we all live long enough to see a day when walls are again torn down.

Further details, including the usual behind-the-scenes section, can be found here on the page dedicated to this story.

My First Magazine Sale!

It had to happen – I’ve finally sold a story to a magazine. As you can imagine, I’m very excited!

The magazine is the biannual Bloodbond published by Alban Lake, and my tale Reverse Horror Story is slated for inclusion in the November 2017 edition.

The story is set in my old haunt, Stoke-on-Trent, and features monsters aplenty. This was the first story I wrote, and the first to be published, in a loose series I call The Age of Asmodeus. With any luck, some of the other tales I’ve written in this world will see publication too.

I’ll post more details about Bloodbond as the publication date draws nearer.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go do a happy dance.

The Best of Both Worlds Now Released


My Buddhism-in-the-future story, The Tulku of Titan, is now available again in print as part of the Nomadic Delirium Press and Alban Lake Press co-produced anthology, The Best of Both Worlds.

Click here to access the relevant page on the Nomadic Delirium site to purchase the book or to learn more about it. The book, edited by Tyree Cambpell and J Alan Erwine, is also available on all the usual book-ordering sites, such as Amazon and Smashwords.

This story is the first of the Titanville tales, and the second installment – The Terror of Titan – is still available as an e-book through Nomadic delirium. Click here for more details about The Terror of Titan, an off-kilter look at murder in the unrelentingly hostile environment of deep space.

I hope you enjoy these Titanville tales. I certainly hope to have more of them published in the future!

Thank you for reading.


Writing Round-Up for 2016: A Few Stories Published, A Few More To Come

With 2016 almost at an end, it’s time to look back and recap how things have gone this year. It was certainly a busy few months, containing my biggest fiction sale to date as well as my first published sequel.

Futuristica Volume 1 was released to great reviews, and I even received some fan tweets on Twitter about my entry, Something to Watch Over Us (thanks for all the kind words!). This superb anthology is still up for sale on Amazon. You should give it a try – there are some outstanding stories within its covers. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: the editor, Chester Hoster, is simply wonderful.

Later in the year, I was pleased to hear that my non-fiction essay for Watching Books’ upcoming collection You on Target was accepted. You on Target will be a nostalgic tour through fans’ experiences of the Target range of Doctor Who novelizations. The editor for this book is still valiantly plowing through the 150+ essays needed to fill its pages, and is now over a third of the way through with his editing chores, I think.

We hope that this Herculean task can be completed by the end of 2017, but time will tell. Previous volumes in the “You and Who” range have been very well received and I am very excited to be a part of this project too.

More recently, I was thrilled to have my sequel to The Tulku of Titan accepted by Nomadic Delirium Press. The second story set on the  Titanville space station is The Terror of Titan, a murder mystery tale introducing the station’s marshal, Augusta Thurm. This whodunnit was packaged along with the first story in an enlarged e-book. You can view details on Amazon here or on NDP’s own website here.

My association with NDP this year didn’t stop there, though. I have also signed a contract with them for an upcoming “best of” anthology. The Best of Both Worlds will reprint The Tulku of Titan and is due out shortly.

Update: The Best of Both Worlds is now out! Here’s the cover, and I will be posting links shortly!


Farther out in NDP’s publishing schedule is another anthology, Disharmony of the Spheres. I am pleased to announce that I have also been accepted into that book, with a story called The Man Who Killed Computers. It’s still early days for these projects, of course, and things can always fall through, but J at NDP is a great guy and always puts out high-quality volumes that are well worth a look.

I’ll be sure to post links and additional details as these other stories and essays move closer to actual publication. 2017 already looks like another year with multiple projects coming to fruition. On top of that, there are many submissions that I have yet to hear back about, so there may be more successes to report soon!

As any writer will tell you, for every story that sells there are at least two or three that don’t. I am far from immune from this reality. But rejections are merely opportunities to make the stories better. After all, Something to Watch Over Us was turned down by a magazine before Metasagas Press bought it, and that story then earned more than all of my other fiction writing added together up to that date. So, don’t let the “no’s” get you down and keep on sending those stories off – there’s no printing without submitting!

Here’s hoping we all have a great 2017. Best of luck to all my fellow writers, and best wishes to all my readers.


Futuristica Volume 1 Nears Release!


It’s been quite the week for news about my stories coming out! Not only did I get a Doctor Who story released online in a widely circulated e-zine, but another story was re-released as an e-book and another is about to get its first release in the anthology Futuristica Volume 1.

The story that’s about to be published for the first time is a science-positive tale set in a future Japan, and it’s called Something to Watch Over Us. According to the good folks at Metasagas Press, the book will be on bookstore shelves in just a couple of weeks.

I have already taken a quick look through my preview copy and I have to say this is a wonderful anthology full of outstanding tales. It’s well worth your time, and I am genuinely honoured to be a small part of it. I will be sure to post again once the book is officially out. But the release is so close now, I just had to squee with joy!

New E-Book Released!


I am very excited to announce that my short story The Tulku of Titan has bee re-released by Nomadic Delirium Press, this time as a standalone e-book! This story was originally printed in the anthology The Martian Wave 2015 from the same publisher and was the first story to be re-released.

To give you a taste of what this science-fiction-meets-Buddhism tale is all about, here’s the publisher’s blurb:

The Dalai Lama has passed away, but the monks who must search for his new incarnation are not prepared for the fact that he has gone into space…nor are they prepared for what they find once they reach Titan.

Doesn’t sound like the average science fiction story, right? 🙂

Please consider clicking one of the following links to purchase this e-book.

  • Click here to purchase the e-book direct from the publisher.
  • Click here to purchase the e-book through Amazon.
  • Click here to purchase the e-book on Smashwords.

The e-book will also become available on other sites over the course of the next few days. Please help support a great publisher by investing 99 cents in what will hopefully be the first in a long series of Titanville stories!


New Doctor Who Story Published Online


I’m happy to announce that a Doctor Who short story of mine has been published online in issue 18 of the popular and well-regarded e-zine The Terrible Zodin. My story, Futility, features the Third Doctor along with his friends and companions Liz Shaw and the Brigadier.

The editor has already asked that I write another Third Doctor story! (A plot has even been decided upon! Let’s just say Benton will co-star in it and there may be a trip involved to Griffin Park.)

Click here to view the issue with my story. The e-zine is something of an institution in Doctor Who fandom, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.

And for an amusing story about my connection with this e-zine, click here.