Remember (Published in Star Trek – The Poems)

The following is an excerpt from the poem “Remember” by Mike Morgan:

I remember when I was young and callow
Kirk wrestled with the victim of the week
in quarries so mundane, in plots so shallow.
under suns that were double, always in trouble
and we hung onto the edge of our seats
hardly daring to breathe
as he acted out our schoolboy dreams
in a golden shirt with precisely torn seams
and fought his way through polystyrene rocks;
those background props that fandom mocks,
to win a last-minute victory that made us say.
‘Doesn’t that contradict last week, by the way?’

For the full poem, and many others besides, you can still purchase copies of this collection. Remember is featured on page 12 of the book. Click here for the book’s listing on Amazon. Or, click here to buy the collection through the publisher’s own website.

Book Details:

Publisher: IRON Press
Date Published: 2000
ISBN: 0-906228-77-8
Editor: Valerie Laws

Behind The Scenes

Selling a poem was one of my earliest professional writing achievements. It came about as a result of seeing an open-call notice in the newsletter of Mensa’s Star Trek Special Interest Group (SIG). I sent in a poem and, much to my surprise, it was accepted, with only minimal editing. The sale showed that writing could actually lead to receiving an honest-to-goodness (albeit small) payment. After so many rejections, is was great to finally sell something. And, of all things, it was a poem!

The book launch was held in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in late June 2000 at a Waterstones book shop. I did a reading of the poem, which was received with enthusiastic laughter ( in all the right places). It was a great evening, and it was nice to see a book containing some of my writing up for sale on shelves in a bricks-and-mortar bookshop.

Shortly thereafter, I relocated to Japan and took up “assistant teaching” for a few years. Later, I returned to the English-speaking world and writing.

Note – If you’re wondering about the spelling of Waterstones, yes, it used to be “Waterstone’s”. For non-British readers of this website, the store is a national chain in the UK.


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