Script: The Everything Box (Published in Futurequake Issue 16)

 Futurequake Issue 16 (October 2010)

Futurequake comic is published by Futurequake Press, a small press based in the UK. You can buy issues by clicking here. Writers and artists published by Futurequake have gone on to develop careers with 2000AD Weekly, the UK’s foremost comic book.

I was lucky enough to script a story called The Everything Box that ran in issue 16. Joe Ward did a great job on the art. This story was the first published adventure for Professor Lazarus.

 Obviously, this is not Professor Lazarus.

(Above: A panel from the strip. Art copyright Joe Ward.)

In 2015, Lazarus makes her return in prose form in the story Fishing Expedition, included in Flame Tree Publishing’s Gothic Fantasy: Science Fiction Short Stories Anthology. Yup, the Lazarus in this comic strip is the same Lazarus in the short story, Fishing Expedition. Well, she’s sort of the same person.

The idea is that in each story the scientist-heroine, Lazarus, fights the evil villain(s) and dies – whilst saving us all (or not, if she loses). But, if she dies every time, how can she keep coming back? Ah, that’s a mystery that I hope to explore once she’s made a few more appearances.


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