Script: The Ship (Published in May 2018 Issue of FutureQuake)


Cover art by: Gibson Quarter and Steven Denton


The Ship is the second Professor Lazarus comic strip printed by the UK-based small press comic, FutureQuake. This comic strip was drawn by Brett Buckle and was included in the 2018 issue, released on May 1st, 2018. Here is the promo art for the strip by Brett:


I love the alien captain’s muttonchops!

In The Ship, Professor Lazarus is found floating in space by passing aliens… how did she get there? And will the aliens find a way to understand Lazarus’s frantic messages in time to discover the danger that threatens them all?

Here is the publisher’s blurb for the issue:

FutureQuake is back to brighten the boring, Inspire the indolent and render the jaded jubilant! Within the latest incredible issue witness a titanic 20 possible futures including the return of the one and only Neroy Sphinx. All within a cover by Gibson Quarter and Steven Denton.

You can purchase the 2018 issue at FutureQuake’s website here. Please pick up a copy!

For those of you interested in the earlier adventures of Professor Lazarus, read on. You can click here for details about the first FutureQuake strip featuring this recurring character. (Brett does a great job of having her look the same as in her first strip.) Professor Lazarus has also appeared in a short story. Click here for further details of her adventures in prose.

Contents of FutureQuake’s 2018 Issue

Price: £6.50
Format: Trade paperback

Strips & Credits

A Strange Thing Happened: Writer Alexi Conman | Artist Scott Twells
Concept Smith: Writer Dick Jillings | Artist David Parsons
Creation: Writer & Artist RoboMonkey147
How the Other Half Live: Writer Joseph Matthews | Artist Jack Davies
Hunting Season: Writer Jonathan Stevenson | Artist Paul Williams
Hyperthymesia: Writer Jonathan Stevenson | Artist Luke Kemp-James
Last March of the Aurochs: Writer Lawrence Rider | Artist Jonathan Scott
Magnificent: Writer Michael J Lyle | Artist Richard Waugh
Misery Business: Writer Tim West | Artist Jerome Canty
Ned’s World: Writer James Hawkins | Artist Jose Luis Conde
Neroy Sphinx – The Train Job: Writer Daniel Whiston | Artist Dave Thomson
Omphalos: Writer Nathan Mcwhinnie | Artist Rafael Romeo Magat
Overturn: Writer & Artist Matt Chinn
The Last Wizard: Writer Matt Sharp | Artist Brian Corcoran
The Morning After: Writer Joseph Matthews | Artist Ross Bampfylde
The Northern Lights: Writer Logan Makwana | Artist Jerome Canty
The Outlaws of Bannon-13: Writer James Broadhurst | Artist Lorenzo Nicoletta
The Ship: Writer Mike Morgan | Artist Brett Buckle
The Tale of the Tradesman: Writer Daniel Whiston | Artist Mick Trimble
There Are None So Blind: Writer John Osborn | Artist Barry Renshaw


Behind the Scenes

I’ve been asked how a comic strip is written. So, here’s a glimpse at the first page of the script. I always think of comic scripts as being a little like stage plays – there are lots of directions. Rather than being directions for the director and cast, the directions are for the artist. This script is written in the standard format for comics publishers. Hope it’s informative!