Something to Watch Over Us (Published in Futuristica Volume 1)


Something to Watch Over Us is set in Japan, with scenes taking place in a town where I used to live, Kannami in Shizuoka Prefecture. The story has a lighthearted tone that I hope readers enjoy. Some of the jokes will, I suspect, be especially appreciated by people who have lived in Japan, but they were written to be understood by all.

This tale stars Tallulah Armstrong, a half-Japanese half-Canadian woman who works in a farmscraper, a vertical farm housed in a skyscraper. Her life, and the lives of everyone on Earth, are about to get turned upside down. But there’s going to be octopus balls and some very bad karaoke along the way. Ah, please excuse me, my personal nurse software (mandated by my employer) is advising me I have to go get some exercise now, so I need to step away from the typewriter…

Guys, no hyperbole at work here, Futuristica is an astonishing achievement, rivaling any sci-fi anthology put out by the big publishers. Don’t believe me? Read the Amazon reviews. They make my heart swell with pride.

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Book Details:

Publisher: Metasagas Press
Date Published: April 19, 2016
ISBN: 978-1939120076
Editor: Chester Hoster
Authors: Megan Chaudhuri | James Beamon | Holly Schofield | Patrice Sarath | L Chan | Wole Talabi | L. H. Davis | Marina Berlin | Anne E. Johnson | Nancy S. M. Waldman | Ciro Faienza | Mary Mascari | Mike Morgan | Stephanie Burgis | Bo Balder | E. E. King | Daryna Yakusha | Gary Kloster | Robert Lowell Russell

Behind The Scenes

This story was originally titled The Happiness Plague. The biggest change made to this story during editing was the selection of a new title! (I must confess to still liking the first one, and I hope to use it for a different story in the future.)

Another substantial change that occurred during editing was the addition of several scenes at the end. Chester wanted to know what happened next! I happily obliged, and the extra word length allowed me to leave events less up in the air. I also took the opportunity to cram in a few extra jokes. I very much appreciated the chance to extend the story. I am always thankful when a publisher prioritizes telling a good story over minimizing the number of words it takes.

Metasagas Press makes great books and Chester Hoster is not only an incredibly professional and capable editor, he is one of those rare editors whose insights help make stories better. Working with Chester was a tremendous experience for me. I still can’t believe he bought my story.

Fun With Names

Tallulah is named after the chicken in the Maisy children’s books. My daughter loves that series, so…


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