The Terror of Titan (Published as an E-Book with The Tulku of Titan)


A man has been murdered. Can you figure out who the killer is before panic spreads through Titanville?

The Terror of Titan is the sequel to The Tulku of Titan and was published along with the first story as an e-book by Nomadic Delirium in 2016.

The Terror of Titan is also set on Titanville, a decrepit space station orbiting Saturn’s moon, Titan, and takes place shortly after the events of The Tulku of Titan. If you read both stories, you might spot certain characters from the first installment making cameos in the second. But The Terror of Titan opens up the setting and introduces many new characters, most notably Marshall Augusta Thurm, the chief law-keeper on Titanville.

Augusta is a stern presence on Titanville – she’s a lady who uses sarcasm as a lethal weapon. If you’re lucky, you’ll only feel the sharp edge of her tongue. If you’re unlucky, well, as a Marshall, when the situation calls for it she knows how to use her sidearm.

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Book Details:

Publisher: Nomadic Delirium Press
Date Published: September 25th, 2016
Editor: J. Alan Erwine

Behind The Scenes

This story is a murder mystery set in space. The previous Titanville tale was about religion in the future (specifically Buddhism). My intention is for each Titanville tale to focus on a different genre or sub-genre, so readers will never know quite what they’re going to get each time!