Unto His Final Breath (Published in King of Ages: A King Arthur Anthology)


Unto His Final Breath is a short story published in 2015. It was the opening story of King of Ages and sets up the central theme of the entire collection, as well as providing readers with a self-contained science fiction story.

Billions of years in the future, the universe is about to end in the Big Rip. King Artur can save the last remnants of human civilisation from the end of everything – but only if all the survivors pull together and do what he asks. Disastrously, the Fay – implacable to the last – are not willing to give up their age-old grievances. If Artur fights them, he loses everything. Can the warrior king find a path to victory that doesn’t involve warfare? Fortunately, there’s a spectral presence called Myrrdin who wants to help…

You can buy this book on Amazon by clicking here, or direct from the publisher by clicking here.

Book Details:

Publisher: Uffda Press
Date Printed: 2015
ISBN: 9781514689455
Editor: Josh Brown
Authors: Paola K. Amaras | Patrick S. Baker | Josh Brown | Dale W. Glaser | Doug Goodman | Joanna Michal Hoyt | Philip Kuan | David W. Landrum | P. Andrew Miller | Mike Morgan | Alex Ness | C. A. Rowland | David Wiley


[Unto His Final Breath (Mike Morgan): This story is a sci-fi short story about the end of the Universe. An amazing start for the collection as it starts explaining what is happening, why Merlin is living backwards and the final failure of Arthur’s time. I particularly loved the delightful mentions of other knights and characters: a female Gawain, Lancelot and Guinevere, Mordred’s son and many others.

Amazon reviewer, Venturelli Ilaria; same review also posted on Good Reads under the name “Arthurian Lucre”


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