Voted Most Quotable Show Ever (Published in You and Who)

I was honoured to have a short essay included in this wonderful book about how Doctor Who has affected fans’ lives. My essay talked about how quotable the TV programme was (and continues to be).

The first edition came out, I believe, in 2011. It has now, in 2015, been reprinted as a second edition (shown above). Proceeds still go to the charity Children in Need. The book did well enough for J. R. to put together a two-volume sequel, Contact Has Been Made, to which I also contributed (to both volumes). This two-volume sequel has now been reprinted both as the original two volumes and as a “bumper” all-in-one edition.

Here’s the blurb on Amazon, which explains the first book much better than I ever could:

After almost 50 years of television serials, original novels, comic strips, audio dramas, short stories, radio plays, cartoons, graphic novels, cinema films and just about anything else you could possibly imagine, after almost 50 years of a series which has change as its most fundamental conceit, there’s only one thing most Doctor Who fans can agree upon: how special it is. In December 2010, Starburst writer J.R. Southall embarked upon a project that would demonstrate just how much variety there was among fans of the show, and that would conversely show just how much they all had in common, too. You and Who is the result of that project. It’s an anthology of stories, written by fans, in which those fans attempt to reveal just how and why they became fans of Doctor Who in the first place. There’s humour, there’s horror, and there’s heartbreak. Just as there is in the series itself. But what You and Who mostly goes to show, is not how much we share in common with the series we all love, but how much we share in common with one another. For the essays contained herein aren’t just the stories of those who’ve written them and Doctor Who, they’re the same story we have all lived. They’re the story of You and Who. (100% of the royalties from this second edition will be donated to Children in Need.)

Please click here to buy a copy on Amazon.

Book Details:

Publisher: Create Space
Date Published: (First Edition) 2011, (Second Edition) 2015
ISBN: 978-1508981794
Editor: J. R. Southall (Fine gentleman and well known to readers of Starburst Magazine)
Contributors: Too many to note in detail; however, Dez Skinn of Marvel UK fame wrote an essay. Christopher Bryant, long-time writer about Doctor Who, also contributed – he went on to edit the second volume of the two-volume follow-up, Contact Has Been Made.


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